Can I collect DD Points at every store?

DD Points are avaliable at any of our partner stores. This is an always growing number and can be found on our 'Near Me' page. If you would like to see a store added to our app, why not suggest them to us or speak with the owner to see what can be done!

How easy is it to collect DD Points?

You can collect DD Points with just one tap! Open the mobile app and tap on your QR code, or show your DD Wallet Card to the cashier and either touch this on the scanner or the cashier will scan with their own mobile device. Any points you have earned will now be yours.

How do I redeem a voucher?

Vouchers can be redeemed via your DD Wallet. On the home screen you can see how many vouchers you have avaliable, just tap on the menu, select which you would like the redeem and scan!

Will I recieve app notifications from businesses?

Businesses can update their customers with new products and offers in-store, showcasing what is new in their store!

I forgot to recieve my points! What can I do?

If you have your reciept on you, you can now just scan that! Tap on the Scan Reciept option on the menu, aim your camera at the barcode and any missing points can now be claimed without the need to return to the store.

How much does DD Points cost me?

DD Points is absolutely free for you to use! You can pick up a physical DD Wallet Card for a small fee at selected partner locations, otherwise there is no cost to using, gaining and redeeming DD Points.

Can I give my DD Points to a charity cause?

You can! Some businesses may be linked to a charitable cause, offering them discounted products that can be put to good use. Within your DD Wallet, if it is avaliable, tap on the Charity button and see what store partners they have.

I own a business and want to sign up to DD Points!

That's great! DD Points is a fantastic way to grow your business and increase your brand loyalty. Either sign up via the DD Plus app or get in touch with us today!Let me know if there is anything I may have missed. 9m 45s